The purpose of this project is to develop the Istrian countryside by developing new thematic tourist products, leaning on the concepts of unique authenticity, natural development, and rich natural and cultural heritage of the Istrian countryside.

Activities necessary to achieve the objectives:

  • educational workshops for existing and potential tourism providers (tourism entrepreneurs) in the rural area of Istria; conducting thematic workshops and courses (language courses and other courses with entrepreneurial content, including start-up workshops);
  • methodical connection of various providers with the purpose of achieving synergic effects, focussing on connecting the coastal area and the countryside;
  • encouraging young people to become self-employed professionals in the field of (rural) tourism;
  • identifying opportunities and untapped potential for the development of new thematic products (i.e. the rich history of the Istrian countryside, customs and traditions, etc.);
  • intensive promotional activities for innovative tourism products contributing to the establishment of the destination.

Results of the project:

  • 8 workshops for service providers,
  • 15 tried-and-true thematic tourist products,
  • 1 market research study,
  • 1 registry of non-material heritage (in the form of a book),
  • 1 start-up weekend and 150 promotional brochures,
  • 15 independent thematic products,
  • 15 audiovisual presentations.

Main partner: UP FTŠ Turistica

Project partners: The Municipality of Koper

Source of financing: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

Rural development programme