The purpose of the project is to arrange marked paths in all coastal municipalities and provide foundations for their connection in other areas, as well as providing a certain degree of relief to the coastal area by redirecting the visitors to the hinterland. The project will enable joint promotion of all coastal municipalities.

The existing infrastructure (including the IT infrastructure) will improve through the preparation of a rulebook, a registry of the trails, and the upgrade of existing and addition of new trails. In addition, spatial planning and environmental management will also improve through established rules. Redirecting the visitors to spend their visit in a more environmentally friendly manner will reduce the carbon footprint of our visitors, thus improving the living environment of the local population. By preparing a joint interactive map, the visibility of the area (or, rather, the entire destination) in general will also improve.

These activities will make it possible to arrange and upgrade the existing infrastructure, enabling visitors to actively experience Istria, redirect the visitors towards the rural areas, and reinforce the economy of the rural areas.

Results of the project:

  • thematic trail rulebook,
  • thematic trail registry,
  • photographic and video materials for promoting thematic trails,
  • printed materials (maps and booklets) presenting the thematic trails,
  • clean and well-maintained thematic trails,
  • new thematic trails,
  • interactive map of thematic trails,
  • restored graphics for thematic trail boards.

Main partner: the Municipality of Piran

Project partners: Municipality of Izola, Municipality of Koper, Municipality of Ankaran, Portorož Tourist Association g.i.z.

Source of financing: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

Rural development programme